Funny Stories About Running Problems Most Joggers Face In Long Distance Training

Listed below are some of my favourite articles that I’ve written about running.

9 ways to keep on running if you’re just starting out and you’ve lost the will to continue with it.

18 silly questions/statements I’m tired of hearing from non runners.

11 annoying things race spectators shout at you.

A race report form my disastrous Paris Marathon attempt.

10 ways to completely ruin long distance running for yourself.

10 different types of runner I see outside regularly.

10 reasons I really hate running in the rain.

12 things I learned about myself after my first ultramarathon.

10 types of asshole that will try to discourage you from being a runner.

10 subtle ways that running will change your life dramatically for the better

An interview with my 280lb self about weight loss excuses.

18 unspoken fears of runners.

21 ways to beat the running slump forever and feel great about being a runner

8 dead giveaway signs that a runner is just starting out to run

25 signs that you may be addicted to running

A risk assessment of the 10 most common types of people I encounter whilst out running.

15 stupid misconceptions the public have about runners.

10 things I wish I had known when I was starting out as a runner.

An article on needing a shit whilst running. Includes some vital advice on surviving shit attacks.

10 running myths I’m sick of hearing about and why they are untrue.

On finishing the Great North Run but not really finishing (part 2).

A note to myself as a runner who couldn’t be bothered running one morning..

10 nasty elements to running that make me want to quit it altogether (sometimes).

On finishing the Great North Run but not really finishing (part 1).

Running made me realise that life does not have to suck.

Why the whole ‘new you’ promised by most weight loss regimes is a load of bullshit.

These are the problems you will likely face if you’re as bad at running as I am.

Some jogging inspiration for those who are having problems getting motivated.

How I managed to miss the Dublin Marathon 2011 and nearly lose my mind at the same time.

The day running actually came in useful. Nearly missing a boat and getting stranded in Scotland after missing the same ferry the day before.

Nearly drowning in the Waterside Half Marathon and being harangued by an angry motorist.

Running my 2nd marathon in the pissing rain and nearly dying half way through.

The winter morning when I ran into an old man in the dark and thinking he was a lamp post.

Being on holiday 2 weeks before a marathon and doing more drinking and provoking people than running.

Running the Liverpool Half Marathon after having only a few hours sleep and plenty of Big Macs, Kit Kat Chunky’s and Jagermeister the previous evening.

A rant about a dog attack I experienced whilst out running in January 2012

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