Waking Up With The Wrong Mindset Again

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2 Responses

  1. dax says:

    Great post. I can really relate to you regarding your feelings about drinking when not feeling ‘happy’ or content with one’s self. I have the same tendency, and I had to tell myself the same thing earlier this week. Also, I desperately need to jog sometime this week, lol.

    Take care πŸ™‚

  2. Rachel says:

    Hey Matt!
    Wow! you sure got alot off your chest!
    I’m not quite sure how to comment, or where to even start reguarding your beliefs about God. But I was searching for tips on running and happened on your blog( the tips were good btw).
    I happen to be one of those God believing people who claim to be blessed.
    I’m blessed, not because I never have problems, which is by no means the case, but because I have a purpose… a reason for living. I’m not blindly choosing to believe in a God because I need Comfort, If that were the case I would take up knitting, but when I look at the world, the only way it makes sense is when I accept that it was created, that I am created.
    The fact that there is good and evil in the world would suggest that there is right and wrong. Can right and wronge evolve, Matt? Why is it wronge to murder…to steal? If we are all evolved monkeys why not murder and steal and rape our way to happiness?
    I ask you, after a night of drinking, drugs, or a one-night stand, are you more fullfilled, or do you feel even more empty?
    Please, think about it before you dismiss God so quickly, I am so saddened when I see how our generation has become so “educated” that they haven’t any need for a creator to be accountable to.
    Christianity isn’t knitting, or birdwatching. It’s a belief so strongly rooted… so mirrored in reality, that it is plain if you open your eyes to it.
    This may sound cheesy… but I’m going to pray for you:-)

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