Uncomfortable Within Myself And A Day Of Shitty Junk Food

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9 Responses

  1. Michael kelso says:

    Great half looking forward to this years,will be running with pacer .
    Bring it on folks

  2. roland says:

    No posts for quite awhile . Hope all is well with you.

  3. ron says:

    i need to loss weight this February.. is it possible?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is strength training necessary to increase the pace of weight loss and also your running capabilities ?

  5. I am honored to be on your list. Thank you for reading my blog and telling others about it.

  6. Jennifer Hernandez says:

    Hi it showed i need to eat 2285 calories. I’m always scared to eat that much cause ill gain.

  7. Monti says:

    Weighed in at190…. I’m 56 and convinced myself that trying to diet was hard at this age…. really hard to count calories, give up sugar and god forbid give up my wine ….. and after 10 years of zero weight loss …. I decided that being fat is now so much harder than any of the above….. wishing I were thinner and in shape again, feeling better, wearing the size clothes I love instead of clothes I’m embarrased to wear. It’s much harder being fat than running for results so I’m in two days now…. 1/2 mile each day. Will increase to one mile in 5 days….. wish me weight loss and feeling great at 56……

  8. Katherine Haynes says:

    Thank goodness for you! Thank Your for sharing this indispensable tool! I am so grateful. The information I gained from this calculator is just what I was looking for but beyond my expectations.
    With appreciation,

  9. Mr. Calc says:

    Most people don’t know their actual weight and even if they knew, they don’t know what is their ideal weight for their body. This is also happened to me. So I am very thankful for this post because it will give you a hint on what to do next. I will help you plan what to do in the future to have a good health.

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