Thoughts On Running And Recovery

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  1. Stephen Lyons says:

    Just another great post in an endless line of them. Cheers, Angry.

  2. Mikeb says:

    Listen mate like the saying goes,” every saints got a past and every sinner has a future”
    We’ve all got baggage accumulated through life, its what shapes you as a person. However, it is up to you if that is what it makes you who you are or whether you decide who you are/were and if you didn’t /don’t like it to actively change it.
    The longer you hang on to “I can’t because of….” The longer you remain the same, because I can’t means I won’t.
    Your past is and will always remain part of what makes you, BUT you start as I did ( I have aspergers) by portraying, acting if you like who you’d like to be. I’m naturaly very cold, aloof, generaly unsociable. I was a very shy, naive child who grew to be the same young adult people used as they do.
    I didnt like this so I started to form a charactor shell around me of a more outgoing, confident, unusable person. Over the years it becomes you and you become it, inseperable. The shy me is still inside but now protected by the shell that is and isnt me. Its required tuning over the years as I became more of a “fuck you, get out of my way” whoops too far the other way, adjustment required… You could call it permenant acting but eventually you dont notice and it is actually you now. Try it, its hard work at the start think of who and what you want to be. Act it out when your alone, get comfy with your new “charactor” then slowly impliment it into your real life, a word here an action there. Before you realise it you’ll have bedcomed the person YOU want to be.
    It worked for me, maybe it’ll work for you…

  3. Samantha Jane Elam says:

    “Hey cunts” caught my attention. A lovely inspirational read for a Sunday morning. I’m also reading Russell Brand’s book, part way through Step two, interesting in jogging and sober for 103 days. Honest I’m not counting or anything
    I like your approach to your weight and honesty about jogging not being easy.
    Thanks again for restoring hope in a realistic way!

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