There Is No Comfort In Comfort Eating

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  1. Mikeb says:

    I still personally think your dealing with some shit from your past matt. Drinking, over eating, over running etc… Seem to be avoidance strategies from your brain for not dealing with something it doesnt like the sound of. Some sort of baggage, could be your childhood, family, etc… Mine was being an only child in a very un loving houshold.. That fucks your relationships up big time that one when your all grown up. I relate to doc martin on tv sort of grown up damaged like that socially awkward. You need to find your damage. Everybody has damage apart from a few lucky ones who were brought up perfectly…lucky feckers….once you find it, you can then work on making it right which is a work in progress, mine still is. I only started to figure myself out at 40 and im doing ok at 48 now. My kids who had what I didnt, a loving family upbringing Id proudly say are “normal” if theres such a thing.” Well adjusted” may be more appropriate. Its amazing what being brought up in a loving family environment can achieve.
    I’ll always have my problems I think but can portray “normal” as needed for social situations etc… inside I still feel like a boy who lost his childhood if you get me . BUT you can only fix so much and the rest you have to accept as part ofyou warts an all. It made me not want to give my kids the same upbringing I had. Am I perfect? no did I do a better job than I got? I think so.
    Your turn big fella, the enemy is inside the gate, timeto getyour boots on, tablets deal with syptoms of a deeper underlying problem, your time has come……

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