The Pain Of Trying To Lose Weight That You’ve Regained

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4 Responses

  1. Mat says:

    ”I covered the 3 main food groups, chocolate, brownies and Fruitella”

    The book is brilliant by the way, keep on writing.

  2. meg says:

    hey, man, your weight doesn’t determine your worth as a person. We all have our struggles. I, for one, think you’re a bad ass for turning your life around & staying sober.

  3. Toastmonster says:

    I would eat chocolate all day if I could (in fact think I did one day around Easter – mini eggs, chocolate cornflake nests and actual chocolate egg). The spots and mood swings are a bummer though.
    Meal planning really helps if food and eating are a problem. Six days a week, and one wild card for the junk. The usual suspects, fish and chips, chili con carne, fajitas, chicken stir fry, roasted salmon, steak and eggs, sausages and champ – it just needs pre-planning and a shopping list. Saves money too, much cheaper than impulse buys. Cooking time is quick, it’s possible to buy small portions or just freeze stuff if you have freezer space, and it doesn’t need much skill, no need to ponce around like it’s Masterchef, you just get a good regular dinner at a reasonable hour, plus with homemade you know what you are getting and it isn’t too high in calories. This worked for us, for both wallet and waist. You’ll still want chocolate but not as much.
    (Sorry, I must sound like your nan)

  4. Sarah says:

    I went home to NZ 6 weeks before London and gained 2kg while I was there because I just wasn’t running as much and portion sizes are so much bigger (well, I went hiking and had hiking meals meant for 2) and I was on holiday…

    I ran London like that and still haven’t lost it. Right now I’m not very well so I figure I just need to nourish myself and lose the weight later. But it sucks.

    Try eating more… healthy food maybe. Like, don’t cut out the junk yet but just add one healthy thing a day instead. Next week, add one extra. Eventually it’ll become so much of a habit you probably won’t want the crappy stuff. I don’t think focusing on stopping things and cutting things out helps.

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