The Emotions Of An Angry Jogger Days After His Third Marathon.

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4 Responses

  1. MedalSlut says:

    You did great. I totally want to see the grimacing death glare photos (surely they might be up by now?), and I DEMAND you indulge in digestives/Lassie immediately.

  2. sas says:

    Well done! I hear ya re the end, I hate everyone in the,last few miles, if I’d the energy I’d thump some of those happy clappy people. Enjoy the choco digestives and ride out the weirdness till you can run again. hmmm, choc digestives…

  3. Matt, fantastic result. Had to leave a comment – any post that has both pictures of Eric Catonna and Lassie has to be celebrated!

  4. I think your Mother Theresa visions might be remnants from your treats in Amsterdam! Just saying!!! Until next time just let yourself be weird!

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