The Diary Of A Runner Getting Fat Over The Christmas Period

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  1. Nix says:

    I’m 37, have a genetic disorder and depression, cold-turkeyed myself off prescription painkillers about 3 months ago (which I’d been taking for chronic pain since I was 19 and still need, but fuck how pills make me feel, plus I dropped maybe 15lbs cos I don’t get the pill munchies), need to lose 20 lbs, and have never run. Ever. Even when I was young and slim. Back home after a 2-week hospital stay and still recuperating physically and mentally. (First couple weeks home, I can never stand long, so I sit in the shower. Depression also gets really bad.) Weirdly enough, this post and the one about running to help your depression have given me the boost to pull myself out of bed and start slow. I guess it’s because, of all the blogs about running while out of shape, yours is the first one I’ve found that I can relate to. I can’t relate to the “only sunshine bursts out of my ass” bloggers who make me feel worse than before I happened on their blogs.

    I’m realistic and quite aware that I may never become a runner; even as a child I’d be out of breath after a short run because of my disorder, but I could walk my butt off from my teens until the last few years of more frequent illness and weight gain. But I’ll walk a little every day my body lets me. Maybe I’ll even stop avoiding humans, but baby steps.

    So tonight, once the blazing August sun tucks in for the night, I’m going on a one-mile walk. And if you don’t mind, I’ll let you know how it went cos accountability.

    Thank you, Angry Blogger.

  2. Nix says:

    *Angry Jogger* damn autocorrect…

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