Surviving My First Ever Run In London Where The Weather Was Stormy As Hell.

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  1. Erin says:

    Fuck those assholes! I hate it when people hurl mean or stupid comments at me when I’m running. I always want to scream back “Fuck you, you lazy asshole!”

    Once though I was out walking the dog (she’s an Aussie Cattle Dog mix, about 70 pounds). I guess this truck full of morons didn’t see the dog. They started yelling stuff out of the windows at me while they were at a stop sign right next to where I was walking. The dog put herself between me and the truck, showed her teeth and gave a no nonsense growl. The assholes drove off and never came back. It was awesome. I gave the dog extra treats that night.

  2. Unfortunately, this happens a lot, especially to women. I get so many loud honks (even when I’m cleaning up my dog’s poop). It always scares the crap out of me and throws me off my game.

    And this run will DEFINITELY make you stronger. I can’t believe you went out in that weather. I hear it’s like London is drowning in to the ocean.

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