Sub 2 Hour Marathons, Drug Cheats and Emus Galore.

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  1. Mike b says:

    Same boat here matt ive been pushing myself like fuck, dieting, increasing my mileage…. Not a good combo. Wondering why its soooooo hard to get past 10 miles to 11 three times a week. Durrrr.
    My times started slowing as well, and finally went for my usual 11 miler run friday to be met with…. 1.5 miles and cant go a step further… Im done. So i assume ive overtrained a bit… And im taking a week off to recover.
    I did think when i saw all you were doing you were headed the same way.
    Apparently slowing times is one of the classic signs of overtraining…
    My times were slowing weeks ago, and i was thinking” im due a week off” but no as well as running ive been doing some weights, heavy manual labour in the garden digging massive steps out carrying rubble and soil in an asda basket….dont ask….
    On a weird note i felt/feel fitter than ever. Guess no matter wehat you want, when your body needs a break it needs a break whether you want one or not…. Maybe you need to dial it back a bit?

  2. Mike b says:

    On a side note im still eating healthy as i can, watching what i eat just not as bad as i was before.
    Taking vitamins etc…
    I did read your body supposidly needs 48 hours to grow/repair in the face of new/more exercise and if like me you only rest for 24hours between pushing yourself again, you start on a defecit which then builds up leading to overtraining. Sounds right, so wehen i return to running after next weeks rest, i need to do ONE long run a week with two shorter runs maybe then increase the ONE long run mileage not the three like a mong.

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