Struggling To Get Up In The Mornings For The Running.

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  1. keithp says:

    I get up at 530 AM make my lunch and my wife’s breakfast and then head out for my runs at ~6 AM. If I went to bed at midnight, I’d never run another mile. Rest is critical.

    I hope for your sobriety in 2016. Sobriety from anger, too. As someone who has an intimate relationship with anger, I understand how damaging and painful that can be. All the worst mistake I’ve made in my 55 years have been from anger and how that has hurt my loved ones.

    I hope for success in your spiritual growth too. I’m an Roman Catholic. If it wasn’t for prayer and the grace to try to live a sacramental life, I’ve be a raging bitter alcoholic divorced with no relationships. I’m not trying to proselytize. But, peace is possible thru God. The philosophy of Christ is the ultimate philosophy of human happiness. It isn’t just a way of life; it is the way of life

  2. Steven Jones says:

    Hey cunt,

    Fuck off with your supernatural God nonsense.

  3. Piero says:

    Nice blog man, I enjoy reading it.
    Could it be that running in the late afternoon is what keeps you up till midnight? Looks like you might have put yourself in a vicious circle – if you manage to push the 5am run for a couple of days in a row, that would change your inner clock and hopefully also help you sleep better.

  4. Josh says:

    Hey. What software are you using in this picture to document your runs? I like the green circles and layout. My software sucks. Thanks.

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