So………You Want To Know How To Annoy A Runner?

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  1. Mathias says:

    I’ve never met any of those cunts-yet. Only thing that annoys me is that when I say hello to cyclists, they ignore me. I could stop saying hello but then that would make me a bit of a twat. Not sure what to do.

  2. Mark says:

    You forgot finding someone within sniffing distance of the finishing line who is obviously struggling and putting their arm over your shoulder and carrying them to the end. I would rather collapse and have a heart attack with 10 meters to go than be carried by some smug tit who just wants to get on Good Morning Britain so Piers Morgan can shower them adulation whilst they dismiss it as something ‘that anybody else would do’ as they fill in their Sun Pride of Britain award application entry form.

  3. Mike says:

    Ive only been running for a year or so and its still not “natural” yet.
    Some of the websites for runners asre pretty annoying with tbey’re “race pace” and “training pace” shit.
    “Train at 8 minute miles sloiwly, not your usual 5 to 6 minute mile marathon pace”
    Well fuck you im a 10.30 at my fucking fastest bastards 8 minute miles would be achievable only if i had a cheeta up my arsehole….. Smug twats.

  4. G says:

    Other runners who, on a plenty-wide trail, pass me close enough to skim my arm hairs, I guess to make sure I know that they’re passing me, that they’re going faster than me, and that they’re graciously allowing me to share their trail?

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