Shitty Laps Of Steve Biko Way

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2 Responses

  1. CeeCee says:

    Posting this to thank you for your blog. Stumbled upon it tonight while reading about the psychology of ultra runners. Reading your witty turns of phrase made me laugh like I haven’t in quite a while. (When you live in the country that has Donald Fucking Trump as its president, the laughs tend to become fewer and farther between.) So thank you for being here, Angry Jogger. If I were a jogger, I’d be angry too. Instead I’m just angry, full stop.

  2. Dawn says:

    I know exactly where you mean and wonder if you’ve spotted the patisserie Valerie in Hounslow yet. Not so many silly toy dogs round here though.

    Still inspired by your honest emo runner type blog. I often run past Steve biko way, but prefer to keep to straighter roads so I don’t waste time and breath getting lost.

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