Running To the Atomium In Brussels and Running Away From Hostel Mentalists!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey– love the picture of you looking like you swallowed a lemon. šŸ˜‰
    yes, yes– there is way more time in the day without alcohol. for me, I like to bring a book and/or blank book with me when I travel. it’s easy to read at a restaurant, and/or sit down someplace with a view and scribble in your notebook.
    (as a bonus, women will think you’re mysterious and smart, and no one will ever criticize you for being quiet.)
    don’t be intimidated by the perception that people are looking at you (I used to not be able to take the subway because of this)– over the years, I’ve found that what people think of my is none of *my* business– reminding myself of this works 85% of the time.
    despite any annoying wankers you encounter: enjoy your trip!

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