Running To Overcome Depression And To Cure Anxiety. Is Jogging A Natural Anti-Depressant?

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4 Responses

  1. AKH says:

    This is a cool blog. When I feel low in mood, I go for a jog around the neighborhoods, and it makes me feel better as soon as I start. I really can’t think of a better way to overcome depression than jogging.

  2. I”m a therapist and a depressive myself….I suggest exercise to my depressed and anxious clients first thing (sometimes it works on its own and it works well combined with other types of therapy…you really can’t go wrong with it), and I finally started my own advice and doing it to deal with my own depressive blend of crazy, for lots of reasons.

    Thanks for this blog!!

  3. bob wyman says:

    How can one take any positive information at all from a page where words are wrong in the context? Not misspellings but similar looking words being used indicating someone is not editing therefore probably not researching. The fad to be a journalist online outweighs the actual writing and renders language useless and wasted time for all concerned.
    I will let the author read their own work to find what I am trying to point out.

  4. Annin says:

    Life was horrible with depression mental retarded son financial problem but it is changed after jogging for 30 minutes with stretching exercises Im born again

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