Running The London 2 Cambridge 100k For Mind In August

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4 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    Being embarrassed and feeling like a failure sucks (no shit). Don’t want to be annoyingly positive, but I think you’re brave, a fighter and an inspiration to others – and fundraising for Mind sounds great!

  2. Dik says:

    Not wanting to sound like a stalker but occaisionally reading your wild rover ramblings has kept me plodding along at least, I have a similar pronensity for alcohol & fail miserably a lot. I even read your book which made me laugh a bit. Got my first mararthon next month, partly your fault (you total cunt, lol). Good luck with 100k & keep posting. Cheers Richard.

  3. Ellie says:

    Ah “hello alcohol my old friend”. They say you won’t find the answer in the bottom of a glass, but it sure does make you forget the question. I turn to a (several) drinks to escape my thoughts. Good luck for the 100k…I couldn’t do it and a great cause to be fundraising for.
    Thank you for your blogs!

  4. Warrior says:

    From a Yank living in Europe, great blog brother. Read three posts and instantly bought your book. As another who threads the needle between endurance fitness and alcoholism your blog speaks to me. Keep it up.

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