Running For The First Time After A Break From The Marathon & Holiday Weight Gain

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  1. Issi says:

    First of all, WOW, back to running already? Might be a bit too soon? Secondly, weight gain. Yeah, tell me about it! 3.6 kg added since my half iron on 5 October. Went for a cold miserable jog the other day and actually hated myself for a while. Carrying this extra 3.6 kg everywhere I go is a real pain, and ALL MY FAULT. (BTW I measure in KGS because they are smaller numbers than lbs). So I get how you feel.

    Secondly, I bet you 50p (or €0.50 – not sure if you are South or North) that you have run at your current weight beforehand, and you’ve done pretty darn good at it too. (Same logic applies to me, so thanks for that!)

    Thirdly, yeah, the eating thing. Healthy really is the way to go, but it’s easier than it sounds, and much more difficult to get back into good habits. Especially after a trip to Vegas.

    Lastly, your body needs rest. Really. Rest. Your mojo will come back, and you’ll start loving it again. That’s what people told me and I’m beginning to see it. Did a 35km MTB/kayak/run(stumble) adventure race with friends at half past stupid o’clock on Sunday, and it was really good fun. When it ended!


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