Running For Clean Fun And Telling Assholes To Fuck Off Because I Can #imacunt

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  1. Another runner says:

    Love your writing and respect for what you are doing. Just a thought – are you not tempted to run more by the canal? Avoid the bus idiots and you can get into your rhythm. I sometimes travel from work in central london to your area to run by that canal. I get you are often running in the dark, but you could get a decent headlamp for £20 and that would mean you could avoid road crossing, bus idiots, etc.

    Thanks for motivating me

  1. December 11, 2015

    […] four years of sobriety.  He’s handling it well and has clearly benefitted from clean living. Then there’s The Angry Jogger who’s trying to up his mileage while going sober and it’s creating some turmoil for […]

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