Running As My Only Form Of Exercise. Why I Spend Most Of My Time Jogging.

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  1. I completely agree – you won’t keep up anything you don’t love. I’m the other way around to you though – I do lots of circuit training and bootcamp/boxercise, HIIT and core classes, and love them but am trying to do more running as I find it much harder and I’m shit at it but I love it just a little bit more. I also love writing motherfucking lists.

  2. Running is highly accessible and can be a mindless activity.

    The trouble is that it’s actually very involved and not mindless. Even if blog authors treat it that way.

    However, one reason the annual injury rate for ‘runners’ is higher than that of NFL football players is because of ‘feel good’ blogs like this one.

    You might be happy just running and ignoring other components of fitness. You might also be happy with the long term consequences of exercising only through running.

    But offering weak, poorly considered reasons why ‘running is enough’ is bound to keep runners hurt, and all the cardio bunnies fat.

    If a runner only runs, gets hurt, never sees results, or develops a chronic back or joint condition because their body wasn’t strong enough to run, they’ll end up doing ‘no exercise’

    Poorly considered, Ill-planned exercise is as good as no exercise because it leads to no exercise in the long term. Running-only fits this category.

    Feel free to do what makes you happy, but if that’s your path, don’t expect your results to make you happy.

    I notice there are no pictures of the ‘running-only’ author. Why is that?

    This blog entry amounts to terrible, unbalanced advice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have bigger muscles than him!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Brian.

    A balanced workout is best. Just running only or lifting weights only is not fitness. Also god forbid, you have to do exercises that are not “fun”. Sorry that’s life, and what your body needs. We all have to do exercises we don’t like but our body does.
    And if you don’t care what society, your spouse, girlfriend thinks of your body why exercise at all? Just go through life eating what you please with your 40’+ waist, flabby muscles, become diabetic, develop a heart condition and die much younger than you should have.

    • Matt says:

      I have a 32″ waist, no girlfriend and I don’t care what society thinks of me because society is piss-weak, inbred and full of cunts.

      I am better than society and I run because I want to.

      P.S. Go fuck yourself.

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