Running A Difficult 6 Miles And Suffering Badly From Tiredness On The Lower Carbohydrate Diet.

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  1. Jen says:

    If your doing low carb you need to be high fat or your energy will really suffer. Look at this website it’s really good. I’ve been doing it for 4 weeks , to get in to a bridesmaid dress! And I’m down half a stone and 4″. That all sounds like an advert, it’s not, it’s just been really good for me and I can honestly say I’ve never felt better.
    Good luck x

  2. Toastmonster says:

    You can’t do crazy low carb with a training schedule like yours. Sugar is your problem (mine too).
    If you’ve just moved to London and have all the pressure of a new job, problems with the house etc. you will be stressed and naturally you will want to deal with that the way most of us do, by shoving massive amounts of sugar down your neck.
    Write a shopping list once a week and get yourself down to the supermarket with a rucksack. Buy the (healthy) things you have put on your list for all your meals. Like toast and eggs for breakfast, before you leave the house. Something healthy for lunch (even if it’s a sandwich, homemade is cheaper too). Protein and veg for dinner (tea). A massive bowl of varied fruit is your friend. Choc treats two a day, not five or six. And smaller than a whole big bar of Lindt or whatever.
    Force yourself to go to bed at a decent hour on school nights, drink more water. When you’re out on the lash chase your drinks with water. You’re still young but you’re not 19 any more.
    I did the same in London and also spent a fortune on sugary gunge, drinks, and Wagamama too (they are great) and wish I had the money back now. Planning a supermarket shop saves me loads.
    You’ve already done amazing things with the running. Now you need to kick it with the nutrition before you fall back into the Cycle again and it becomes your norm for London.

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