Running 15 Miles At 5am And How Running Can Improve Your Life If You Are Depressed/Have Depression

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5 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for your posts, Matt! You are an inspiration to all of us newbie runners,~ and such a fun read with your sense of humor! Congrats to you!
    Kelly ME/USA

  2. Jes says:

    I second Kelly! Between you and Jay at born to plod I can always find some energy in me for a run. Maine seems to like you quite a bit too, I’m from and still live in Maine.


  3. Erin says:

    You really are an inspiration. You’re inspirational because you went from being unhealthy to being a real runner, which is something I think is awesome. You’re also inspirational because you aren’t some blogger going on and on about your super perfect life full of kittens and rainbows and unicorns and 5 minute miles. You are very real and have a wonderful sense of humor.

  4. eep223 says:

    YES! I never thought that being physically active could replace that “plop on the couch and have a beer” mentality after a rough day. Now I go for a run, stop feeling like shit, and THEN plop on the couch and have a beer (or sometimes not even). The beer tastes much better after a run. πŸ˜‰

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