Reflecting More On My Pace Increase After A 8 Mile Morning Run With 4 Sub 9 Minute Miles In A Row.

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2 Responses

  1. julie says:

    Hi there, Thanks again for a great post. I like you am trying to get faster and I like you had the light bulb moment of realising that this wouldn’t happen until I pushed my speed up, got out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to the limit! Now it’s great doing long runs, it feels so much easier to go a longer distance at long run speed, and surprise surprise, I’m getting quicker LOL.
    Thanks for writing pertinant stuff to us mere mortals struggling to run a 9 min or lower mile.
    Regards Julie.

  2. Sarah says:

    If you carry on at this speed, you won’t be the Angry ‘Jogger’ any more, you’ll have to be the Angry Runner! Congratulations on your weight loss too.

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