Race Day Preparation Advice – The Do’s and Don’ts Guide That Will Make You Even Worse At Running Than You Are Now.

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  1. Becky says:

    Ach – where were you on Saturday night?! After my inaugural marathon (during which I did a great many of these things) I have a couple to add.

    Do arrange to drive the length of the country the following day to be back at work. Then hobble around motorway service stations guzzling pizza in Primark tracksuit bottoms and a dirty fleece, while people talk to you in their special loud and clear voices.

    Do follow the “nutrition strategy” published by leading energy gel manufacturers: it’s not like they’re evil. They may be OK in training, but on top of a dodgy chain spaghetti the previous evening and a hotel breakfast, an internal fermentation process inflates you to the point that passing children remark “look, Mummy – that one’s running with a baby.” After a quickening at the halfway mark, and full-on contractions by mile 15, the “baby” met its gaseous demise in public toilets at mile 18, mercifully masked by a passing troupe of samba drummers. And again at miles 20, 22, the finish line, and the train home. I have scars from where my bum-bag reached its elastic limit. Over the following 24 hours I really learned to appreciate the blessings of a solid bowel movement.

  2. omg…my thoughts exactly
    “Your journey is the one that matters. “”You’re the fucking rock star.”
    “Change speed and direction as often as possible to show that you’re a free spirit.”-


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