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Welcome to my running blog Angry Jogger. I'm Matt and I'm an overweight runner who has lost 80lbs through running and walking over the past 2 years. I've setup this jogging blog to try to inspire new overweight runners (both men & women) into continuing on with their weight loss efforts through running. Running is an amazing tool for weight loss maintenaince and has allowed me to live life to the full in recent years. You can follow my running journey over the following pages!

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Running weight loss calculator

Ever wondered how much weight you can lose through running alone? The Angry Jogger running weight loss calculator will provide you with a good estimate to inspire you into running.

How will you die as a runner?

Complete this test today to find out exactly how and why you'll die as a runner. So far it hasn't be proven to be inaccurate!

Race categories

Listed below is a selection of races I'm currently interested in situations in places where I'd like to run.

Scottish Half Marathons
Northern Irish Half Marathons

My 100k weight loss prep

January 11th 2014 - 210.8lbs
I'm down 72.2 lbs since my highest recorded weight.

Cool running blog - Fat Girl Running

An excellent weight loss and running blog from FGR who was a great sense of self-depreciative humour. She’s lost close to 4 stone through running.
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