Over The Hill? When Should You Give Up Running?

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  1. Carl says:

    Well I’m 50 and been running for 6 years, I’m not the quickest but I can still beat people 20 years younger. I’ve had plantar fasciitis and get shin splints in the cold weather but I’m still going and as long as I can put one foot in front of the other I’ll continue.

  2. Jacky Morrey says:

    I’m 55. I run. It’s not fast and it’s not pretty but I run. I have run half marathons before but after time off through injury I have struggled to get my pace and form back and started to hate the thing that kept me sane. Like you, my angry friend, I have decided that I want to run for me, like a child, just for the sheer joy of it.

    Last summer I bought proper running shorts because I tend to get hot very quickly. To those feckers who don’t like my cellulite or spider veins, I say “who the f**k do you think you are!” and they can kiss my ass as I pass.

  3. Barry Ward says:

    I am 70YO – and I ran my 3rd HM last Sunday ( in 2 hours 23 mins) . I didn’t start running until I was 67. There was another runner there in his mid 60’s – he also only started running a few years ago but ran his HM in 1 hour24 mins. We are NEVER “too old” to be a runner – but old runners and young runners alike can do too much and hurt themselves. Training too fast too far hurts everybody regardless of whether you are 42 or 72 – and whether you or anybody else regards you as a runner, jogger, wogger, etc.

  4. Toastmonster says:

    Some of the fastest runners in my club are pushing 70.
    The people at Darren Morris’ work sound like a right bunch of miseries, to be avoided at all costs. By all means stop running while the injury heals and get back into it slowly, but if he can still run afterwards he has at least another 30 years!! I’d tell them where to stick their knitting.

  5. Mike says:

    Well….other peoples opinions ehh?
    When i first started running a year or so ago I was overweight.
    I got shin splints, hurt my back by just running bla bla bla.
    It takes time for a body to get used to running, especially if like me the last time you ran at all was over 30 years ago im now 48.
    Im running 10 miles 3 times a week, I seem to have settled on a 10.30 ish mile pace, but I run non stop.
    I couldnt do that even 3 months ago.
    Im to old to listen to negative shit off other people. Helpful, friendly advice I’ll listen to all day long.
    Some people are jealous, some are just plain nasty.
    Unfortunatly the worlds full of arseholes, bitches and twats, thats why I generally keep myself to myself, some fuckers always got an opinion about something if you involve them.
    I have a resting angry face so I tend to get left to it most of the time which is fine by me.
    I have a rule which is be nice to me and ill be nice to you, be a twat and ill be one back,works out ok for me. Also, if you want me to listen to your opinion of me or what im doing, I get to tell you as well.
    Youd be amazed at how many people want to tell you stuff but get so offended when you start to tell them things about thenselves….

  6. Well, I’m fucked. I’m 54 and I was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Been running for most of my adult life with multiple marathons and halfs under my belt. Been told I should have hung it up years ago. Now I’m getting scolded for trying to keep running while I figure out RA. When I tell advice givers MYOB, I’m the bad guy. I’m running slow right now because it’s all I can do. So I’m thinking about ultras. I mean, WTF?, right?

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