Only Managed A 14.7 Mile Long Run This Week & A Little Bit About My Usual Post Run Antics.

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2 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    I’ve decided that I am the life I’m living at that moment. I can change it anytime I want, and no one is allowed to give me shit about it! Saves me all the hassle of knowing myself. I mean, what if I’m an asshole or something?

  2. Kelly S says:

    Drinking a couple of pints over the course of an evening rather than 10 pints doesn’t make you boring. If anything, it keeps you interesting. You can make better conversation sober, and your less likely to vomit on someone’s shoes or pee on a doorstep (hopefully).
    I don’t think most people ever really know who they are.
    I just know I’m jealous of the creme egg McFlurry. No such thing exists here in the USA, also our cream eggs are made by Hershey’s and taste of spoiled milk.

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