My Weight Loss With Is Slow At The Minute. But The Scale Is Still Going Down!

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2 Responses

  1. Totally love your last few comments about dietitians making comments about what you eat. Truth be told, I did have a negative reaction when I read what you ate but then again I had a similar reaction to a friends facebook post saying they cut out sugar, flour, dairy, meat and eggs. I found myself replying to that post with something like this “what the hell do you eat then?” I then asked if that diet was sustainable in the long term for which I got no reply… So what does all this mean? Good for you for being realistic with what will work for you long term! And not cutting out everything you enjoy while adding everything you dont. I am a true believer in everything you want in moderation as that is what will get you results…

  2. Matt says:

    Yeah Sarah I’ve been focusing on eating more healthy foods whilst sticking to what I love. I love berries too and salads. I just hate the thought of depriving myself and giving in and eating nothing but ‘healthy’ food. You need some fat!

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