My Take On The Marathon Of The North Distance Balls-Up..

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2 Responses

  1. Joel says:

    Two other annoyances are that the media published the picture of the Tyne bridge above which was part of the Great North run which is a different race. Have also just checked the Marathon of the north website and they haven’t even mentioned the fuck up, in fact they talk about what a success it was. Grrr, I wasn’t an angry jogger but I’m going that way.

  2. Carl Mansfield says:

    I ran the marathon. It was my second marathon after running the same event in 2012. Thanks to me always starting at the back and being pretty useless at following a race line I managed to run further than 26.2 miles and therefore have a time from my gps which, while obviously not official, seems to be good enough for people who have sponsored me. A lot of other people won’t have been lucky due to running better racing lines will have run the distance close to 26.04 miles. What has been missed by almost every news report is the error happened between the 20km and half marathon event meaning that event was also wrong.
    As for the ‘compensation’ I understand they have costs that have been incurred but they could have offered the 25% as a straight refund on this years entry. I had already decided that I wouldn’t run the marathon in Sunderland again because they had ruined what was a decent course in 2012 to accommodate the half marathon. Their attitude since this fall out (their Facebook and twitter have gone quiet since as well – not even posting links to the apology) makes it likely that I won’t run in any of their events again.

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