My Running Fear Came True – Finishing Last In A Race For The First Time Ever!

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6 Responses

  1. Egle says:

    “Last is just the slowest winner.”:)

  2. Medal Slut says:

    Bravo, Sir Angry Pants, Bravo! You still ran a 50k (+ extra miles), so I think laughter is probably the most appropriate response.

  3. I think you did amazingly well to even finish it! And bearing in mind, you might’ve come last, but didn’t you get lost and add a good few miles onto the race? Therefore you actually came first, cuz no one else ran that distance!! Boom.

  4. Yep! It takes coming last to learn all of this! I had my ‘last’ this summer and people were just as proud of me for that finish as they would have been had I come in first… Nice lesson…

  5. Ken says:

    Don’t be daft, you covered the first 50k in under 7 hours, which would have put you in 42nd place, which happens to be the answer. To everything.

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