My Inspiring Hatred of FitFluential And Some Advice On Getting Out Of A Weight Loss And Exercise Regime Rut.

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  1. Liz says:

    I hit running slumps on, what seems to me, a pretty regular basis. I’ve finally achieved goals for running I never imagined I could do or really had enough of a push to do until post-procreation. I fluctuate between not wanting to be a lard-ass stay-at-home mom eating chocolate all day while wondering why my husband spends increasing amounts of time at work and my flat refusal to be a slave to any kind of gym or diet creed. So it’s taken me quite a while to find a happy place in my work out routine but lately I have ‘found my zen’, I guess, and I hope it’s not one of those things where the other shoe will drop and I go back to carrying 10-15 extra pounds and having those horrible crying rages when I can’t zip my pair of jeans that fit just last week. The dryer must have shrunk them! It’s nice to hear others go through these emotional wars of the mind/body and it’s not just me who wallows in an anti-workout gloom on occasion.

  2. An animated cat GIF, a second cat picture and a picture of Dr. Frankenfurter as well? You’re spoiling us!

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