Mission Statement For My 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. 

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4 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    Best of luck with the month of weight loss – hope you’ll keep up the blogging each day, too. I loved the book and I look forward to reading your posts when they drop.

  2. Nebbibit says:

    Woo hoo! Clapping! Loud noises! Encouraging Statement!

    Keep that shit together you blaspheme-loving-bastard.

  3. Mikeb says:

    I started last year nearly 16 stone, now im just under 13and a half. Would like to be say 13 with no jiggly belly bits. Trouble is when you love your food its hard work. Your going the right way about it not eating the deficit and cutting say 500 kcals and trying to keep under 2000 a day will do it. Just takes time. If you want to lose it fast, go near a mosque on a thursday dressed as a lady with a bit of makeup on, thats boy loving day for unmarried muslim men see, they’ll chase you to brazil and back for a bit of your arse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good luck. I need a kick up the arse myself. I managed to lose 4 stone in under a year after buying a running machine and sticking a tv in front of it but the weight has started to creep back on.
    Maybe I should do the same and get back to logging food…

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