Messy Post With Uninspiring Hippy Cunt Drivel.

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  1. mike says:

    Im similar. I recently stopped drinking as much as i used too. Friday saturday nights i have a few drinks say 10 vodka and cokes each night and then all week try to be careful about what i eat. Try being the key word. Ive never been a run runner, im a run fast walk run kinda guy. Still gets the mileage in so who cares. Ive started monday wednesday and friday going mileage towards the para 10 next year. Im up to 8.60 unweighted at the mo. Extra mile next week to nearly 10 then ond more mile a fortnight later to take me past the 10 miles, then work on improving my time. Then after crimbo its weighted runs…. its only since ive been doing the run 3 times a week the weights started to come off me.
    i was 207lbs now im 199.5. Getting faster each pound off. Im aiming for zero belly wobble prolly be at 13.5 then maintain that weight. Never been 13.5 since i was 16
    now im 47 and feel fitter than ive ever been.
    the point? Dont do to much you’ll have a fucking heart attack, im sticking at 30 miles a week, with and without weight, mix it up a bit. you should try weighted runs, especially cross country, or muddy bridle path type runs away from tarmac. Definetly more enjoyable i find.

  2. mike says:

    Forgot to say try running in boots as well. High leg combat boots, watch your running shoe mileage vaporise, you’ll be fucked after a mile…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Inspiring post, asshole.

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