Mental Recovery Run With A Horse

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3 Responses

  1. Mikeb says:

    Theres horses where i run.
    This recently born foal stares at me constantly as I run past with a ” what the fuck are you doing that for” kinda look. I do mile laps see, around and around its field. Probaby annoying it by now….

  2. Graydon Collins says:

    Dear Matthew,

    Aside from the dog the horse is man’s second best friend. Try to embrace your inner horse and learn to be at ease with these incredible creatures. Millennia of co-evolution means that humans and horses make great friends. Next time you are passing try a spot of horse whispering. Sneak up behind the great stallion and whisper “easy dobbin” in it’s ear. The two of you may be able to run together, like a beautiful inter-species Fred and Ginger, crossing the emerald isle with gay abandon.



  3. pip says:

    I’m with Graydon 🙂

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