Made It To Weston-super-Mare 

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5 Responses

  1. Simone Jones says:

    I’d run 37 miles for that burger!

  2. Mikeb says:

    Lifes full of mistakes matt. Ive made sooooooo many, cost myself a fortune sometimes.
    You might as I did come to realize that by getting angry you just end up punishing yourself even more when you do something wrong, which just ends up going around in a big nasty malicious circle.
    I have m.h. problems too so understand the difficulty breaking the negative train of thought.
    Whats wrong with making mistakes? Why cant you make them? Why do you need to be perfect?
    Some questions you might want to ask on your journey to pass the time and maybe help yourself out of the negativity. BUT be honest with yourself.

    • Mikeb says:

      It could be something from your childhood, maybe you needed your mammy or daddas approval or some such. You might not want to look at your yourself but youd be missing a golden opportunity this lejog to improve your mental health maybe forever.

  3. Frank Shankly says:

    Dear Matthew,

    I have been following your lejog journey with interest. Remember you have a long way to go. I don’t recall you having any kind of rest day as yet. Your daily milage is quite staggering, perhaps you should consider giving your body some rest?

    I feel your pain re motorists, but please be carful. Although you dislike trials you might consider working some in. PLEASE STAY OFF THE M5.



  4. m says:

    Please please please be kind to yourself. I’ve noticed that you hold yourself to extremely high standards. It’s so hard to live that way–to perceive that you’ve “failed,” even when accomplishing something that most regular folks can’t do. (Not saying you should say fuck it and go out and drink, nor am I saying you should stop running.)

    You’ve made it clear how important this trip is to you, and hats off. But us folks that struggle with mh issues know that sometimes something important can turn into a kind of weird punishment. Don’t do that to yourself, mate, you’re great as you are.

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