I’ve Struggled To Record A Calorific Deficit Over The Past Week

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3 Responses

  1. Mikeb says:

    Get some baggy joggers, get as rucksack, some boots add weight and long distance hike at the fastest pace you can manage matt. Trust me and try it. Your body is stopping you from running for a reason, youve done too much. Listen to it have a break. Rucking burns calories fast, builds muscle, burns fat.try it its actually hard work. Minimum 40lbs in your rucksack, so has to be a decent make.
    No running just fast pace, crtoss country is harder and better but tarmacs ok too. AND its easier on your body though you wont think it after 5 miles with 40lbs on your back. TRY IT WANKER, GET A RUCK, BOOTS AND GO!

  2. Sandra Beattie says:

    or just go out walking for time you’d go out running? I did that when injured. If I normally ran to work and did 7 miles in an hour say- then I’d still do an hours walking….

  3. pip says:

    you’re still capable of running a marathon a day for a month. like the monks. i like the bit you said the other day about stopping when you feel like it as, in the end, it means you run further. think I’ll try that

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