I’m Still In Las Vegas. I Finished The Marathon On Sunday In 4:44:55

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  1. Les Jackson says:

    Well done on the marathon especially with a niggle.I think we all know you need to cut some of the crap you eat in the lead up to the major runs if you want to get around under 4:30 or indeed nearer 4:00 in ideal conditions.Your half marathon time needs to be nearer 1:50 though to be able to do this.More mid distance runs in your training in order to bring your average speed up would help, you obviously have a good endurance base because of the very high amount of halves you run inc in training, but because you are technically plodding along to do your speed will not improve without some shorter speedy runs to improve your aerobic/fitness base.There is wishing for a time and there is training for a time :))

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