I’m Not A Runner

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8 Responses

  1. Andy Sillman says:

    My mate denies he’s a runner he prefers the term calorie burner.

  2. Chris says:

    Refreshing to read. I’m a slow jogger too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m a jogger, might be slow but I’m still faster than the couch!

  4. mikeb says:

    There’s an obsession with being able to run fast or your not doing it right. I don’t believe I’m classed as a runner but I don’t give a shit. why be so anal about things? loads of us started what should probably be called “enhanced dynamic forward motion exercise” to lose weight, but with all the competitions, entry fees etc.. it seems to be quite a middle class competitive area for the likes of ” my shoes are more expensive than yours” or “I’ve spent £2000 this year on entry fees”
    well good for you, wish I had that kind of money to chuck away…I’m quite happy to be just me, doing my thing and being happy.

  5. Ty says:

    Great Point well made – My 10 year old son ran two miles yesterday in a race that took him just over 15 minutes and it made me get out for a jog this morning and I managed 1.7 miles in 24 minutes !!! I am officially a shuffler and aspire to become a jogger and running can go take a shuffling jump.

  6. carina says:

    ohhh i know this too well! just like you i started running to loose weight and fight times of depression… it always helped me until i got too far with too much speed. the cycle was like this:
    depression–> running–> release–> weight loss–> more & faster running –> burnout –> depression –> weight gain…
    stopped just this year as i finally found peace with myself as a slow jogger. i’ve never been a fast runner, i enjoy jogging. this is what keeps me sane, this is what shoots me back to life if i lost my mind

  1. July 28, 2017

    […] on the name of his site, I thought he already was a jogger. Kidding aside, good to see he’s keeping with it rather than giving up […]

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