I miss the days when I thought I knew what I was talking about

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  1. meg says:

    murder she wrote is the fucking best

  2. Sasquatch says:

    I watched that Chris Powell programme. He made one poor lady run a marathon after she’d only got up to 10 miles in training. Angela Lansbury would never have been so mean.

    • Anonymous says:

      Angela would have killed the women and then faked the evidence and got some smuck in the town sent to jail for the rest of his life.

  3. Mathias says:

    ”We’re all dying and what you’re putting into your body today is simply minimising the angle and attack of your own death spiral.” Well that was cheerful.
    Love it!

  4. Toastmonster says:

    A perfectly respectable morning that many on the office treadmill would envy. Enjoy your time out, and good on you for getting out of London. It can chew you up, suck out all your money and leave you with very little left, or draw you down into the maelstrom of a huge mortgage for a tiny rabbit-hutch. I hope you make the most of your down time at home, spending time with your family and figuring out what to do next. You are lucky, with your IT skills you always have options.
    Why don’t you write a book about mental health and call it My Bastard Mind?

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