I Fell Out Of Hatred Today

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it wrong that I read the title of your posting as saying you “fell out of hatred,” as akin to saying you’d fallen out of love? Life would be a bit more peaceful if we all fell out of hatred, but then again, maybe we’d all end up like we’d all been gassed with the (fictional) chemical G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate.

    (Which, in the sci-fi world of Firefly/Serenity, was added to some planet’s air to calm the population and weed out aggression. It was fun while it lasted but 99.9% of the (fictional) population became so lethargic that they stopped working, talking and, eventually, eating and moving, and died where they sat.)

    Why yes, I do like a bit of science fiction, making me a card-carrying geek.

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