I Don’t Like Self-Help Running/Writing Conferences.

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2 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    There are two things I’ve really grown to hate since I started this blogging lark:

    1. Insufferably cheesy “if you dream it you can achieve it” fitspirational bollocks.

    2. People who see blogging as an “industry” and swan around like celebrities. (I don’t care if it IS an industry; I prefer to think of it as a happy little community where people can waffle on about their hobbies).

    I’ve been to a few Write This Run events now, and I’m happy to say that they don’t fall into either of those categories. Although this weekend’s workshop isn’t really about writing or running, I’ve been to one that was, and really enjoyed it. Definitely worth the cash. There was no “teaching you how to write” stuff whatsoever, just a room full of like-minded people having a laugh and listening to a few interesting speakers. In fact, they seemed to deliberately steer it away from the nuts-and-bolts of writing, instead acknowledging that we’ve already got our own voices. A nice day out, met some great people and got an ace goodie bag.

    Better still is their ethos of embracing the important role of gin in the creative process.

  2. ed says:

    I find it incredible. I enjoy your blog, you have some interesting points of view and possibly some points of view that can be helpful. Unfortunately the world is full of people who believe that they have answer and do as they do and you will be ok. Unfortunately no one ever really takes into account the mass of variables in someone else’s life. I mean Ted talks, yes its interesting and educational but inspirational? Do me a lemon, yes i could have been really successful had I been born clever, been in the right place at the right time, had parents saying exactly the right things, didn’t have a lifelong penchant for sausage rolls and ale, didn’t decide that taking drugs in my early twenties might be a fun thing. In all of this huge industry of telling people how to live, the single biggest factor that seems always to be ignored is that you need to have internal self discipline to carry things through. We all know deep down what we have to do, its just that most of us can’t really be ar$ed. And that is the choice that we should be happy to make.

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