I Am Not An Overweight Man Anymore Even When You Take Me At My Shortest

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  1. Mike says:

    I suppose the bmi is an OK guide but I’m now 5 foot 11 and weigh 83 .35 kg which is just over13 stone
    It says my ideal weight is between 9 stone something to 12 .75 stone so that’s like 12 and as half stone which is OK I think maybe as I still have a few jiggly bits to go. But can you imagine some poor bastard thinking ” shit I’ve got to get down to 9 stone” I think I may need to get to roughly 12 n a half to rid myself of my last bit of belly pork but I don’t want to look like I’m running to get my next heroin either with sunken cheeks, so I’m doing a few weights as well to get my top half looking swanky nothing to heavy just 10 kg 25 reps per arm, then I’ll move to 30 then ,40 etc… Looking at trying to get a semi balanced exercise programming going for myself on the days I’m not running trying to be balanced in this exercise thing instead of smashing just one thing, easier said than done though especially when life keeps getting in the way.

  2. m says:

    hell if I know how to celebrate. it’s more the long haul, anyway, yes? in the past, I’ve celebrated by cutting the dietary reigns loose, and that didn’t work out so well. I also learned that if I was depressed, angry and miserable whilst I was fat, I was (mostly) the same way as thin. which is weird, because I remember thinking I’d have cut off a limb to be the weight I am now.

    for me, I adjusted the food I ate while I was losing weight to maintaining weight. not depriving myself, but not falling head-first into the sugar bin, either. that said, I’m not the exercising machine that you are, and you do whatever works for you, food-wise.

    I guess I did more of going out to coffee shops, going to see local bands play (generally not the ones at a bar), sitting outside reading a book– things I would definitely not have done by myself (or even with friends) while heavy. and I still felt awkward and socially inept (boy, aren’t I just a ray of sunshine?)– but compared to where I was, it was a bit better. I looked at it like an anthropological experiment: could I be in a public setting and not feel like a freakish beast? could I get past that and even be interested in what was going on around me? could I learn to enjoy being my own brand of freak?

    the answer is yes. with practice.

    so, sorry: no easy answers. but massive props to you for your year plus of crushing it.

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