How Ultra Running Is Making Me Even More Of An Asshole

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3 Responses

  1. Thom says:

    Hey there. Sometime-reader, first-time commenter (I think).

    This post rang so many bells for me. While I never ran more than 10 miles at a time, it was never about the running. It was all about defeating a monster inside me that I refused to admit even existed. I’ve survived through eating disorder, a crushing sense of worthlessness, and still struggle with all of the things you mention in this post to this day.

    I have no idea what any of it means, but I comment only to remind you that you’re not alone on your very lonely journey. I’m over here in my own lane, attempting to slay my own dragons.

  2. mikeb says:

    plus your a cunt.
    We all are in one shape or form matt. you probably feel that if you chill a bit you’ll end up back where you started.
    BUT and here’s the BUT you’ll only end up back there IF you secretly want too and miss being there.
    Your brain will lead you hand in hand where you secretly desire… IF your not watching.
    you’ve proved you can lose weight.
    You’ve proved your not a loser.
    You’ve proved you have will power.
    You’ve proved you don’t have to drink.
    You’ve proved that you have a decent wedge of control over your desires, emotions etc.
    Its pretty normal I would say to be concerned that if you stop or relax the thing that saved you, that you’ll regress.
    Well same with me, I was 15 and a half stone, now I average 13.
    If I choose to eat the sweeties my daughter has in her cupboard REGULARLY I will be 15.5 again and soon..
    HOWEVER if I exercise moderation and control, eat a few as a treat and then go on to fruit etc… I’m a lot less likely too balloon back up again.
    Not easy and some days I eat more sweeties than I should…
    You’ve proved to yourself AND us that you do have considerable will power, you just doubt that you have it yourself.
    staying off drugs and alcohol isn’t easy. food is also a drug people forget that.
    Bad foods are also damn tasty…people would eat more veg and shit if it were as nice as a bag of Doritos or Mars bars and such.
    still your a big boy now, you know you need to eat more fruit and veg before your body strangles you in your sleep.
    Will power is easily pushed aside for tasties. Tasties are strong in their tempting ways, all the shops with them in the windows sexy dancing making you desire their tasty bite size portions… fuck em! fuck em I say!
    Realize your potential Matt Waterworth the force is strong within you, you just can’t see that yet.
    Your not just a cunt any more, your a CUNT in capitals!
    your a MASTER CUNT!

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