How To Jog For Longer Periods Of Time If You’re Overweight

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  1. I’ve been a walker for a long time; I am 62 and started a walk/run program in July of ’14. I am also about 30-35 pounds overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure/cholestral issues in my family tree. I do 5Ks and 2 miles races for charities. I had never ‘trained’ for any of this before. I am training 3-4 days a week, walking and running intervals from Jeff Galloway’s books. It works for me. Im still slow, but I get there. I do treadmill work, when the weather is too hot/cold. I didn’t think I would ever jog, let alone enjoy it. Im sure I’ve been laughed at, for being 62 and starting this at this point of life, but I don’t care much about what others say now. I do what I need to do, to take care of myself. I can do can anyone else, if they put their mind/body (and a pair of good shoes) to it.

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