How To Cope When Someone Shouts Shit At You In The Street

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7 Responses

  1. pip says:

    move to france where people don’t shout at you when running. you have to say bonjour (not necessary to smile here thankfully) to everyone you jog by, but that’s about it

  2. karl says:

    Its usually kids walking towards me, thats why I always keep a snot ball up my nose and If I detect they are about to give some lip I’ll preempt them with a power snot shot!. The grossness and distance achieved usually distracts them.

  3. Mathias says:

    Nope I usually run around 5-6am (can’t sleep), all the twats and their mom are still in bed. And on trails on top of that, there’s virtually no one around.
    If you run in streets and someone shouts at you, well you’re doing something meaningful while all they achieve is sitting on their sad arse, so who looks stupid?

  4. Mikeb says:

    I just ghost people. But then again nobody has ever been anything but complimentary to me running… Must be my devilish good looks, or my natural lion like run…. Not really, just jog with a grumpy face like me or look like every steps killing you more and more occasionally stumbling every now and again… Seems to work for me. Its an all natural look as well, grumpy runner….

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