How Running Makes Staying Sober More Difficult

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  1. Mike b says:

    Alcohol for you is the same as speed is/was for me. Sounds like no matter the addiction the feelings are the same…
    They say when you give up drugs/alcohol you cant keep the same fiends or peers if they’re still “doing shit” because it’ll drag you back down or at least make life harder for you and thats true I think.
    Staying away from “drugs” is easier than alcohol.
    Alcohols EVERYWHERE, drugs you have to put effort into getting really if you want them.
    And worse still even when your a raging alcoholic, unless you abuse nhs staff its still pretty acceptable, where as speed or “drugs” arent.
    Almost everyone has gone in work hungover and its sort of still ok seen as a right of passage almost. Try going it work tripping off “e’s” or mushrooms, doesnt seem to be as acceptable for some reason.
    Maybe write a book about your “struggle” you never know it might help you to quantify things, defo help other people suffering alcohol problems I would think, make them not feel as alone?

  2. Mike b says:

    Personally and this is just my opinion I could be talking shit matt and please dont be offended, BUT I thnk you’ve replaced one addiction with another which is obvs running.
    It seems you havent found peace yet, so your using running vast mileage to keep yourself away from alcohol brcause you still dont trust yourself and the temptation.
    It is good though because you know you cant be trusted so youve put the running block in the way and its worked well so far cudos to you for the amazing job youve done so far.
    Youve broke the back of it by staying off it for so long, but liked drugs are for me it’ll always be there flashing its tits at you when your missus isnt looking.
    You just need to find your direction now and you’ll be set. Could be a job, could be a hobby or multiple hobbies including running.
    Just dont put all your eggs in the running basket because if you fuck up a knee or something with all the running you do and you cant run for a while or ever again, you will definetly need another crutch.
    Because sitting around at home with the offy round the corner will fuck you right over.

  3. Astrid says:

    Good post. I’m particularly on board with your comments on AA.

  4. Emily Martin says:

    Wow, someone else finally gets it! How are you in my head?

    I didn’t even realize what a bunch of drunks runner were until I started running. Had I known, I might have started running years before I did.

    Now that I’m sober, I don’t even want to go to races because they all revolve around alcohol and the after party. I can’t find a run club that doesn’t have mimosas after Saturday long runs or meet at a brewery. I can’t even go to fucking yoga without them calling it “happy hour” or serving wine for Christ’s sake.

    And it isn’t even that I can’t stop myself, or just not partake in the alcohol, of course I can and do just ignore it, but the point of the matter is that it just gets so old. It is an actual issue that people don’t even think about. Why can’t we just run, and then like have coffee or smoothies after? Or for that matter just go the fuck home to our other hobbies.

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