Getting Faster On My Short Sessions Whilst Finally Breaking The Mental Barrier Of The Sub 9 Minute Mile.

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4 Responses

  1. Miranda says:

    I struggle with this too. It’s amazing what your legs can do when you don’t limit them.

  2. Sarah F says:

    Nice one! Sounds like you’ve broken a barrier there! I find if I look at my watch and I’m doing a quicker speed than I thought I was I’m automatically expecting to to hurt. Even if my legs and body are ok with it I feel I should slow down. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t always listen!

  3. That is spectacular!
    Now… you just need to figure out how to turn your brain off more often. 😉

  4. JenJ says:

    Hi! I’ve recently come across your blog (thanks to Jay!). Can I just say that you’ve expressed my sentiments about running exactly:
    ‘The answer to that is that I’ve stayed in my comfort zone too long to try to avoid the pain. I don’t want running to be painful.’
    That is exactly my problem. That is why I bottled Brighton half, that is why I can’t get that sub-2-hour PB, that’s my issue with running. I’m worried about the pain and I know that for as long as I plod, I can get it done. I have a mental blockage when it comes to pushing myself. Now, if you there’s an easy cure, please let me know. 🙂

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