Fuck The Wagon

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  1. Robert Palmer says:

    Hey! I’ve been reading your blog off and on for a couple of years and have enjoyed the shit out of it! Having gotten sober myself, I can also appreciate that aspect of your life, although I primarily started reading it for the endurance running part of it.
    My life has gotten better every year I’ve stayed sober, and it’s over 12 now. My mind has gotten better. But very slowly. Discouragingly slow. I never would’ve tolerated the glacial pace of improvement if my life hadn’t been such shit when I stopped using. So…my way of saying “way to go! hang in there! Sobriety can suck, but never as bad as using”.
    I hope you keep up the blog. Distance running is my sanity saving hobby and I really enjoy reading about other peoples experiences while logging miles.

  1. January 22, 2018

    […] The Angry Jogger is struggling with “the wagon” and what relapses mean to a recovering a… And yes, he’s still running to keep himself busy. […]

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