Food Review – Sugar Free Fruitella Fruit Foams

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8 Responses

  1. crustpunker says:

    Holy shit this is the first post I read. I don’t even know how I landed here. I really don’t. But this is like the internet back in the 90’s. You never knew what the fuck you were going to stumble upon! I just linked this blog to about 9million friends so PLEASE keep going if you have the ken! Cherrs. speeled it wrong, dont care.

  2. Jim says:

    Top product review. I need to get me some of these. Maybe if I take them and fart hard enough I can boost a few seconds off my PB. Either that or just shit myself.

  3. callum dixon says:

    i had them aswell im on a diet and they are low in points as i got told from other people so i ate some as a snack before the gym while listing weights this was not a good experience i managed to get to the gym toilets i give them a 0/10 never buying again

  4. Anonymous says:

    Iv eaten a pack this afternoonand iv just had to rush to the loo MAN!!! WHAT IS IN THOSE THINGS!!!! I know it was them cos iv had nithibg else!!!! Fantastic if yr constipated but stay well away if yr not!!!

  5. Pauline Hanlon says:

    They are recking my stomach ive only eaten 4 sweets thankfully.
    The pains i have you would think im in labour im going through my breathing plan to stay alive.

  6. vee says:

    at a whole bag and my stomach is still not ok 3 days later

  7. Andrea says:

    We’ll never buying these again ..sitting on toliet sounds like I have left a tap on and farting loads and tummy keep making a noise

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yep same here ate them too exactly the same symptoms a lot of loud air and running back and forth to loo. Never again .

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