Finding Running Motivation For Upcoming Races That You’ve Stopped Training For.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks for all the advice, I really need to stop pressurising myself co as you say it should be a therapy not a chore x

  2. I have experienced this once, with my most recent race. I had a half planned for April (was a new PR), May (was a trail race PR), and June (beat April’s time), and a 39k (24.6 miles) planned for July. The last time I ran 20 miles, or really anything over 13, I also ran 20 miles the next day, and that was mid-April, and that 40 mile weekend put me into a longer recovery than I expected. Since then I hadn’t done more than 13-14 mile long runs, for various reasons (bike rides, resting for other races, etc.) and I really psyched myself out thinking 24 miles would be imposible in my state. But then a few weeks before, I kept up my running consistently, told myself even if it took a bunch of walking I knew I could finish, and it sure helped that there wasn’t a time limit on the race! Things turned out well. A Did Not Finish or even a Dead Last Finish (I wasn’t – I was 39th out of 41 LOL) is better than a Did Not Start (unless you’re big time injured…then be smart). I know it sounds corny but you have to believe in yourself. Next year I will go back and beat this year’s time and it will be awesome.

  3. Matt says:

    That’s amazing Miranda!

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