Finding Motivation To Record My First Run Of The Week And Breaking Through Running Apathy.

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  1. Lyn in Vancouver says:

    Dear AJ – your posts have inspired me to give jogging another go. I’ve been an off and on runner for years, but lately I have definitely been off running. Finding your blog and reading your posts struck some spark in me and I finally dug my stuff out of the closet and gave it a go again. I managed a slow steady 6 km, though I was pretty stiff the next day. I plan to keep checking in on your progress in hopes that your posts will continue to inspire me to get off the couch. I’m a 50-ish female, 5 ft 6 and a bit, and been battling the bulge for ages. I’m 206 pounds and should be less than 150. I am always looking for support tools and I do like the maps you include in many of your posts, and the weight tracking chart you included in today’s. What software do you use?
    Thanks. And good luck in the Great Scottish Run!

  2. Eric says:

    Hills are just as good for speed work. With the amount of mileage you’re putting in, PR’ing at Dublin will be a cinch. Looking forward to seeing your results far, far ahead of mine.

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